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Saturday, November 22, 2014

YOU TOO can Help Students Achieve their Dreams @ E

How are you making a difference?  You can help here.  Join these students as they believe they can change lives and I believe they will.  It is going to take a Village to Support a Village.

UNLOCK is a class designed by students at Eminence to fulfill their desire to serve others in impoverished areas.  They came to me as the principal after some discussions around the importance of service to others and expressed a desire to frankly, just do more.  Their persistency and my passion for missions resulted in an opportunity for a needed response to our Next Generation Learners who were asking for something different.  I don't think either stakeholder had any idea of what it would look like, but we all knew we were moving forward.  The first fifteen weeks of this school year have looked very different for the students in this class from the integrated approach to credits (they are earning Language Arts, Technology, and some History credits in the course).  The course is wall to wall Project Based Learning and is student-led.  It has pushed me as principal to listen to the needs of Next Generation Learner and respond.

The work in UNLOCK is worthy and hard.  It addresses content and many of skills we often complain that students leave high school without including: responsibility, commitment, motivation, punctuality, creativity, all of which are very much prevalent in this project; but it is not easy.  It is much easier to instruct students in nice little rows, with worksheets, lectures, and compliant approaches to the classroom teacher's request that result in a nice little averaged grade.   This class is hard.  It is standards based and requires students to provide evidence of their learning to prove mastery.  It requires them to prioritize their tasks, learn from researching, read and write a lot for the real world approach to solving problems, collaborate with others (even adults who are experts in areas that they must work in to achieve the goals they have set out to achieve), present in front of large groups of people to ultimately make a difference for others. They have been hard working and brave in this work and they have set a goal that most adults wouldn't even consider.

These Warriors are working to raise funds to get them on the ground in Nicaragua to achieve their dream of building relationships with a village who desires to improve their lives.  These students have hearts focused on service to others and we are going to need much help to get the 12 students on the ground in Nicaragua, 12 students who desire to make a difference. The trip to Nicaragua is scheduled for March and we are working diligently to raise the funds needed to make this work a reality.  They need to purchase plane tickets in the next few weeks.  As the Season of Giving approaches, if you feel led to support a group of students who desire to show potential in our educational opportunities in America and the power we have to help others, visit our GoFundMe page and become a part of making a difference! Any amount of support will help, please visit here:

You, too, can UNLOCK potential!  Follow our story here:

We are appreciative of any support you can offer this class of students!  

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