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Monday, November 3, 2014

The Truth...of Transparency and Change: A Student Blog: The Roughest Road

The buzz lately seems to always be about transparency and change.  I have shared before that the work to create an innovative environment is hard for everyone...even for students, who request a different type of learning experience.  "Sitting and getting" is much easier for a student then to actually "create and engage", if you think differently...keep reading.  

Tonight I write only to introduce you to a student in our school who I can say without a doubt is going to change the world.  She is an inspiration to everyone who knows her as her smile will make you melt.  Her passion is evident and she is real.  She is brave beyond words and her actions show her strength every single day.  

When you need to know the challenges are actually worth the work...I invite you to read a blog from a student in our school participating in the UNLOCK class.  A Project Based Learning Class designed to build a partnership in Nicaragua and beyond that will allow opportunities for our students to serve in a variety of capacities; including real-world problem solving. Very real world.  This young lady holds a special place in my heart for many reasons, but mostly because she is a very special survivor who I am forever indebted too.  Her spirit drives me to be a better person every single day.

There are days when I wonder if what we are doing is worth the work...not many, but some.  Here is the proof, we live blessed lives as Americans, so much that we often forget or may not even realize... depending on where we are in our journey that we have endless opportunities and possibilities for changing the world.  Regardless of where each of us are in the journey, this my friends is why we are all is hard, but worthy of our work. Think of the manpower we have in our schools everyday to really change the world...let's be truthful, transparent, and unafraid to change.  

You will probably want to get a tissue or two...​this really is a special place, with special students and proud to be at E, even when it is tough... 

Please click on the link to continue reading the student blog:  

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